Bali Masala Chai Tea is a secret family beverage recipe that we have been preserving in Bali since 1941 that originated from India. Bali Masala Chai Tea has become an inseparable part of our family life every day, even up to the third generation today. Bali Masala Chai Tea is very special and can be enjoyed by all family members, from the young to the old, and we are proud that it can now be enjoyed by the world.

Bali Masala Chai Tea is blended and produced in Bali, combining the finest quality spices such as Balinese cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, Balinese clove leaves, milk powder and Balinese tea extracts that can be found in Bali, making it a perfect and nutritious drink. We are committed to sharing the health benefits of this recipe with the world.

This tradition has become part of our family heritage, with each generation taking part in lovingly concocting and serving Bali Masala Chai Tea. Its savoury flavour with the aroma of spices not only provides deliciousness and warmth, but also provides great health benefits for all.